Welcome to Tru Garcia Holdings Enterprise or shall I say TruGHE.

We TruGHE believe a lot of people want to become Financially independent, Free time, Freedom from 9-5 via Real Estate Investments but doesn't know where to begin. A reliable system and a reliable trustworthy team would be needed as a basic foundation to truly succeed. IMO, having the right team is a vital part of the process. We believe that Real Estate Investments can give you a greater return than a mutual fund investment, keep in mind it's a lot more work but the profitability are endless with the right deals. To be successful, education is definitely needed. In order to truly succeed, you may need to learn from other like-minded investors to accelerate your level of experience. Reading books, looking at how-to-vidoes, listening to podcasts and other trainings would definitely be helpful because you will never have enough knowledge in this business.

Just like one day, I would never forget, a very successful woman told me that in order for me to succeed I would need to surround myself with Like minded people.  Twelve yrs later and various deals done, we still stay in contact and bounce ideas back and forth. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be the smartest guy in the crowd to make it in real estate, nor need a college education but it's up to the persons drive that will decide the success.

Please feel free to visit the entire site and if there's something we can help you with don't hesitate to fill out the contact section and someone will contact you. Thank you